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UV flatbed printer market applications

UV flatbed printer as a machine can print on any flat materials, if you want to buy a printer, then you can use it for the following markets:

1. Gift market

More and more people love personalized gifts, print their favorite text and pictures on the gifts.

2. Home decoration decoration

Users decorate the home with their favorite style, print their favorite photos on the glass, tiles, wood, etc furniture materials, to create their own creative space.

3. Personalized electronics market

Mobile phones and other digital products, most users are young fashion groups, print their own logo is one of the ways to highlight the personality. Such as mobile phone cases, cosmetic case, lighters, wallets, etc.

4. Personalized image market

People are no longer just print their own photos on the photo paper. UV flatbed printer can be print on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas and other materials. Different material printing effect is not the same.



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