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7 reasons to choose Seiko

Seiko UV flatbed printer, refers to the UV flatbed printer using Seiko print head, Seiko as a high-end positioning brand, then what are the advantages of it?

1. Durability

Seiko print head is a pure steel print head, not easy to corrosion, not easy to be blocked, automatic cleaning on the basis of the piston, it's not easy to damage the head, the head and cable is separate, it won't because head cable damage cause the print head can't use.

2. High precision

Seiko head is the gray-scale piezoelectric print head, variable ink droplets printing, jet car positioning using a fixed linear grating to ensure high-precision print positioning.

3. Efficient and fast

Seiko head with intelligent X-axis and Y-axis jump white print, automatically identify the blank area and quickly skip, support multiple pictures at the same time print.

4. Automatic detection

Humanized design, automatic thickness measurement. The car anti-collision device, can automatically stop when touch the media.

5. Stability

Stable and reliable, Seiko series of printing machine are designed in accordance with the 7 * 24-hours mode of operation, it uses a variety of durable parts for industrial production, by careful use and maintenance then can be used for 3 to 5 years.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection

Use environmentally friendly UV-curable inks that don't contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), saving up to 30% to 50% of ink.

7. Mature technology

Seiko co., LTD was founded in 1916, the world's top 500 enterprises, more than one hundred years since, efforts to promote technical innovation, make it become the world's brand, one of the most representative of the subsidiary is Epson group. This kind of enterprise culture, has been completely inherit and carry forward in China.



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